Life is moving pretty fast for most of us! It’s hard enough balancing commitments to family, career, and community—you sure don’t need tennis to add to the stress. offers maximum flexibility when it comes to scheduling matches. Each match has a deadline and general guidelines. But other than that, you can schedule the match when it is convenient to you and your opponent!

With up to five playing levels in each league, we make sure that you get balanced, quality competition against other players in your area. So whether you are a beginner just getting into the sport, or an advanced level player, we can provide the level of competition just right for you! Each player gets 6 matches during the regular season, and top finishers in each division can play up to 4 more playoff matches.

Sure, we all play for the enjoyment of the game, but let’s face it, rewards and recognition are nice, too! All city finalists will receive a bag tags and magnets!

With 10 years of organized leagues under our belt, we know what it takes to run a successful flex league, and player support is a big part of the equation. has a dedicated staff of tennis players, just like you, available to assist 7 days a week. As one of our players put it: “If there were a bag tag for support, would get it!”